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1967 Mercury Cougar XR7 289

NZ$ 57500

Body Coupe
Odometer 50302
Fuel type Petrol
Engine 289 cu
Transmission Automatic
Exterior Color Green metallic
Interior Color Black
Upholstery Leather
Steering Lhd

Mercury unleashes COUGAR...untamed elegance!

That's Cougar - with a European flair to its styling. A lithe, contemporary car with the kind of excitement that runs through the entire 67 Mercury line. One of the most equipped luxury sports cars of the 60's.


These pillar less designed Cougars were pretty much a luxury mustang...with standard features like concealed headlamps, sequential rear turn signals, a 289 V8, bucket seats, walnut grained steering wheel, full width rear seat and full wheel covers (available with car), all synchronised 3-speed transmission.
Standard safety features include dual hydraulic brake system with warning light, Impact absorbing steering wheel with deep padded hub, Padded instrument panel, tick laminate glass, windshield washers, two speed windshield wipers, self adjusting brakes and Aircon among other features.
Comes with original handbooks, service book, factory warranty leaflets, original keys (2 sets), origial hubcaps, history dating back to its time in the USA, California Certificate Of Title and various other documentation and maintenance records
A very original, unrestored car in excellent factory condition.
We understand it to have had two long term lady owners in the USA and one owner in New Zealand.
Leather seats and beautiful interior - mint upholstery, carpets, woodgrain - this is one really cool American Muscle Car.
Very clean, straight body with good paintwork.
Complete with vacuum-operated hideaway headlights, this expansive, bipartite nose clip is the car's signature styling element. At the tail end of this cool kitty are taillights with three sequentially operated elements secreted behind vertical chrome strips.
The Cougar rides better than the Mustang thanks to a wheelbase that's 3.2 inches longer, along with longer rear leaf springs. And the Cougar is a bit less opulent than the Mustang, which had evolved into a large, luxurious coupe during the 1960s. The Cougar was offered only as a two-door pillar less hardtop in either base or upscale XR-7 trim (like this model here). The XR-7 includes a wood-grain dash, toggle switches, and an overhead binnacle of warning lights, all meant to present what the marketing guys at Mercury called "the look of hand-tooled elegance."
The Cougar XR-7 was meant to conjure up the image of a European-style grand touring car. It's been suggested that "XR-7" is a cipher for "experimental racing," and there was, in fact, a team of Cougars prepared by NASCAR specialist Bud Moore for drivers Dan Gurney and Parnelli Jones to compete in the 1967 Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Trans-Am road-racing championship. Yet despite the pony car persona, the Cougar was essentially a boulevardier, serenely quiet compared to a Mustang thanks in part to 123 pounds of additional acoustic insulation.
Original California number plates are personalised in New Zealand.
Truth be said, this car is everything you always wanted in a Mustang, only better. It was no secret that the Cougar had been based on the wildly successful Mustang, but it was much more than a badge-engineered version of the original ponycar. It was sporty, yet it was also luxurious. It had not only style but also grace. In short, the Cougar was the very definition of what Mercury promoted as "America's most complete luxury sports car." Then again, the 1967-'68 Cougar was arguably America's only small luxury sports car of the era.

So why would you buy a Cougar?...Because as I already mentioned, its got more than you could ever want in a Ford Mustang, for less. Though the first-generation Mustang is more highly valued as a collectible, the Mercury Cougar is less often seen on the street and in collectible car shows, and it drives like a far more refined car. Even better, the Cougar costs significantly less than a Mustang. The Cougar is a qualitatively more distinctive collectible than the Mustang, and it can even serve as an everyday driver thanks to an abundance of available drivetrain parts.

Here is sport and luxury in one unique, sophisticated, and reasonably priced package. Plus hideaway headlights and sequential taillights—so snazzy, so '60s!

Car will be sold WOF’d and Registered.