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2007 Porsche Cayman ABA 98720

Call for price

Karosserie Coupe
Kilometerzähler 65000 kms
Kraftstofftyp Petrol
Motor 2700cc
Übertragung Automatic
Außenfarbe Black
Innenfarbe Cream
Polsterei Leather and cloth
Lenkung Lhd
VIN-Nummer WPOZZZ98Z7U754638
Porsche Cayman Hiptronic, Price - 2,299,000¥
Year - 2007, Engine(cc) - 2700cc, Model: ABA-98720, T/M|Gear - FA5,
Chassis Number (VIN) - WPOZZZ98Z7U754638,
Air Conditioner - AC, Mileage - 65,000km,
Color - black, Fuel - gasoline, Car History - Personal use,
Equipment's: ABS AW PS PW TV Airbag Navigation Guarantee User's manual
User purchase car left handle red caliper Panasonic HDD navigation ETC half leather seat spare key
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